Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Update

September 2nd 2010

We still haven't gone in for Louise's operation.  We had a date for last Wednesday but when I brought her up on Monday for pre-op preparation they decided to postpone it for a week because of a cold she has.  Probably just as well because I had quite a sore throat myself and am glad of the chance to shake it before we go in for the sake of the other sick babies as well as Louise.  So at the moment the plan is to go up again on Monday to repeat last weeks bloods, skip the x-ray as she had it and then wait around for blood results, if they're ok as they were last week, operation will go ahead.  HOPEFULLY!!!

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  1. Breda Mitchell Says:
    Hi Jen. It was great to see you last Friday. Have the fingers crossed for Louise this week. Plenty of prayers also.