Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Planning Lifelong Care

Here's an interesting video I came across on YouTube.  It hits home that it's not necessarily going to be all plain sailing for the future.  Thank God for doctors and scientists like these guys and a little reminder to pray for (and fund) them.

I love what he calls people like Louise who have single ventricle circulation:

"These very special human beings...who have...really never walked the face of the earth before..."

I agree with him-very, very special.
In the meantime, we're still waiting for a date for Louise's MRA.


  1. Jennifer, my heart goes out for you and yours. Just started reading your blogs, and will keep your fam in my prayers...

    1. Thank you Katy, every prayer is important to us :-)

  2. You'd mentioned your daughter's heart surgery; now I've found this blog and caught up on everything. We will pray for your daughter's on-going health and upcoming surgeries.
    (BTW-The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where this doctor is from, is where Fulton is primary seen and where his surgery [June 25th God willing] will be done.)

  3. Thanks a million Kelly! Fulton is lucky to be connected to CHOP, by all accounts it seems to be the gold standard in children's hospitals! June 26th is the Feastday of St Josemaria Escriva, I'll definitely remember 25th so :-) Fulton is a treasure, and gorgeous too. I'm glad we've 'met' yours is definitely my favourite blog (along with Betty Beguiles)