Wednesday, April 4, 2012

May 29th 2010

So this is where we're at...Louise's appointments:

I'm completely confused.

On 10th May we saw the Cardiologist, he wants a heart MRI.  I said I had already an appointment for a brain scan for 26th May so he said he'd get on to them to postpone it for a few weeks and do both together.  On the way out I made Louise's next cardiac appointment for 21st June.  A few days later I got a phone call from the MRI unit to say Louise's new appointment was 29th June and she'd get a general anaesthetic  now instead of sedation as it'd take longer.  Louise's neurologist appointment was 30th June so I telephoned to see could I postpone it for a few weeks as there'd be no point seeing the consultant if he hadn't had a chance to look at the MRI.( I was happy enough to do this as we were going to postpone our holiday to Galway a few days to make the appointment)   His next available appointment is December so the secretary put Louise down for the first cancellation.  In the meantime I kept the 30th June open.  Last week on 25th May I got a letter from the MRI unit with Louise's appointment for 16th June!  I was standing in my hallway reading the details about fasting etc and was just going to telephone the hospital to clarify whether the appointment was for 16th or 29th June when the phone was the hospital confirming Louise's appointment for the next day.  I asked the girl what appointment was that and she replied it was for an MRI !! I told her the Cardiologist had cancelled that appointment and that I now had two different dates so she double checked and the actual date is 16th June.  Nothing down for 29th so I don't know where that came from.  Louise had just gotten her first vaccinations an hour before so I read carefully the details about vaccinations and MRI.  The criteria is the procedure wouldn't be done within ONE week of normal vaccinations and FOUR weeks of live vaccines.  Louise had an appointment for 2nd June for her BCG as the consultant had said to go ahead and get it asap, it wouldn't contraindicate surgery if it was flared up.  I telephoned the BCG clinic to cancel that appointment and decided to wait till after Louise's surgery to go for that vaccine just in case, so they've put a note on her public health file about that.  Then I telephoned the neurologist's secretary to keep my appointment for the 30th and to tell her I didn't need a cancellation after all.  She said that was fine.  On Friday I got a letter to say my new neurologist's appointment is 6th July!!  I telephoned again to see was my 30th June appointment still there but it's gone.  Out new appointment is bang in the middle of our holidays so I'll have to drive back and probably spend a night at home and drive back the next day.  John offered to bring her, briefly forgetting (or maybe not!) that Louise is breastfed!!  Louise has a medical eye appointment for 18th  June!!


If you can make head or tail of the confusion...WELL DONE!!

In the meantime, Louise is thriving.  She's 10lbs now and  sleeping all night but still having a few tummy problems.  She seems better with the medicine she has for it.  I think the tummy problems aren't connected to anything else and she's just a colicky baby.  Give her two more weeks I reckon.


  1. Cammy Says:
    What great pics – and well done for working out the interesting appointment system you have over there! And John knew what he was saying when offering to drive back…LOL
    Keep up the great work team Kehoe!
    May 29th, 2010

  2. Anne Says:
    She’s the image of John. She’s only delightful looking. The appointments schedule……confusing or otherwise (and I would need a sheet of paper and calender to work it all out) doesn’t appear to be affecting her. Long may her progress last. But there again why wouldn’t it with a mom and dad who can keep a schedule like the one described above in their heads. Congrats she’s a testament to your devotion.
    June 3rd, 2010