Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From Rags To Riches

September 12th 2010

Tonight I'm going to be sleeping in the parents accommodation in the hospital, upstairs from the wards but only a minute away. I'm sorry I didn't know last time I was in that I could have taken one of these rooms for a small fee. I could have had a little sleep during the day considering I'd just given birth! Ah well, too late for that now but I'm delighted to be sleeping in a bed in my own room, very simple but clean. It reminds me of the sort of simple accommodation some religious orders provide in Rome. It's like a hotel to me considering that the alternative is the thin rubber mattress on the floor beside Louise's cot in her tiny room with windows on all sides and lights on all night. I may as well enjoy my luxury because as soon as Louise's drains are out and she's back feeding I'll be 'rooming in' again-though the nurse told me they're hoping to give me the end room which is for breastfeeding mothers as the bed is a fold down one like a ferry's so I can take the baby in beside me if she wants ( and she WILL want because we always keep her in with us once it reaches about 6 am and as that's the only time she wakes it's what she expects every time she wakes ) For anyone who's wondering…in my experience of babies, the great little contented baby is the one who has the security of knowing they'll be lifted when they want a wee cuddle and not the one who's not going to be lifted because the designated time hasn't been reached yet! In fact if you have children…go and give them a wee cuddle now!! If I've learned anything this last year it's how to appreciate the enormous gift and honour it is to be entrusted with the care and character formation of a little child and that the adult that emerges at the other end will be in a huge way shaped by YOU!! Amazing!!

Anyway, Louise is still doing well medically. When we went in this morning her nasal tube had been removed and she'd had a bottle or two of expressed milk overnight. She's still pretty uncomfortable and her breathing is shallow and grunty but that's expected. I was able to finally give her a cuddle and a feed this morning though it's a huge song and dance to manouveure her with all the drains, alarms and wires so overnight she'll be getting bottles again.

We brought the children in this evening and it was just the tonic Louise needed!! Her face just lit up when she saw each one and we've finally drawn out a few smiles!!! Of course they were all overjoyed and she looked normal if sick as her babygro hid a multitude-I think the little ones would have gotten the shock of their lives if they'd seen what lay beneath!

So thank goodness so far there have been no glitches but please remember that Louise is still feeling rotten and it's so sad to watch so don't stop praying now-as you know surgery is only part one, the battle to prevent infection and complications has just begun. And she's just a little baby, she doesn't even know she's feeling so bad because we're helping her.

Addendum: I'm just up in my room now-Louise downright refused to take the bottle OR a breastfeed at midnight even though she should be hungry. she's pulling at her ear so it's probably her headache but the nurse said she'll get them to check her ears in the morning. She's konked out now so hopefully she'll take the bottle better when I'm not there.

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