Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Snippet Of Good News

January 25th 2010

The hospital just rang John  to tell him another result has come back and the baby doesn't have diGeorge Syndrome which the cardiologist had mentioned could still be a possibility.  That's good.


  1. Petra Says:
    That’s good news. Are they still in the process of ruling out other things too or was that the last one?
    January 26 2010

  2. Jennifer Says:
    I’m not sure if they’re looking for anything else, in fact I was surprised to get that phonecall as I’d thought we had already received the full chromosome result.
    January 27 2010

  3. Nickie Says:
    Hi Jennifer…i followed your link on Facebook to your blog.
    Great to hear about the latest piece of news )
    January 27th, 2010

  4. DEE Says:
    Hi to all the Kehoes,
    We check in to your blog every day to keep in touch with baby Louise. Our kids think Louise is so lucky to be part of the Kehoe clan, as they too would love to be with Rebecca ,Miriam, Laura, Isabelle and Peter . How lucky Louise is to be part of such a beautiful, fun and happy Christian family. Unknown to you all, we learn so much from you. We’re always here if you need help.
    Love the Farrells
    February 3rd, 2010