Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Naughty Ones Need The Most Prayers

I came upon this picture and couldn't but think of Louise.

 My little imp is such a bag of contradictions. There's no way you could call her 'bold' (in the Irish understanding of the word), she is not bad tempered or defiant but she is definitely 'naughty'. All I have to do is turn my back and she has a sink flooded  "I'm just cleanin' the 'ink Mammy!", a whole jar of spice has been shaken over the dinner simmering on the hob "I'm just elpin' you bake Mammy!" or she has released the gerbils from their cage "I'm just lettin' dem out Mammy!" And yet she is such a gentle Mammy to her dollies and to her imaginary friend, her cousin Amelia, who is also her real-life friend, who is given every treat and toy. She invents entire scenes and stories with her sisters' Sylvanian families while they are at school. She is so delighted when the children come home but she's not adverse to using her strong personality, but only with the two next to her in age.

It's so funny because I remember when I was pregnant with her I prayed and prayed she would have a choleric temperament as opposed to a calm and peaceful phlegmatic. I figured that if she was going to face challenges in life a tough can-do personality would stand by her. Well that prayer was answered all right. She is a pleasant loving and endearing child. A shrinking violet...she is not!!

A few days ago she was feeling tired and crotchety and hit out at Peter, she announced to me 'Now I have go in the tor-ner!!' I have never used the corner a a discipline, I've nothing against it, I just don't use it. I haven't a clue where she got the idea but off to the tor-ner she marched. I think it was to pre-empt any punishment, she wouldn't give you the satisfaction!!

I love it! My father has 20 grandchildren and he has always said he loves to see children with a bit of fire as it stands by them in life. My little girl has fire!! She LIVES life!!!

Meanwhile...we wait...please join this naughty girl in prayer.

Jennifer xx

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