Sunday, May 20, 2012

Please Share This Far & Wide

This is a beautiful composite movie of a number of children with Dandy-Walker Syndrome.  It demonstrates just how special and precious each one is.  Practically nobody knows what Dandy-Walker is until they receive a diagnosis for their child and are faced with the unknown.  The more the faces of Dandy Walker are made visible, the more babies will be given the chance to show the world just how special they are and how much they can offer this world.  Louise has added to our lives more than ever could be described or imagined and we would not change a single cell of her body if we were given a chance. (though we would probably fix her heart...we are depending on the amazing doctors and scientists of this world to do that.) Please feel free to share this video and to tell Louise's story to anybody who is willing and who has ears to hear.

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